Preventive Maintenance

Why Get a Preventive Maintenance Plan?Water Heater Richmond

James River Air created our plumbing maintenance agreement program with a goal of helping our clients find and correct plumbing problems sooner rather than later.  Running toilets, small drips, or minor leaks can lead to increased water usage and higher utility bills.  The earlier these issues are corrected, the better off you’ll be.

Benefits of the Plan

When you purchase a one-year plumbing preventive maintenance agreement, all of the following are included:

  • One complete annual inspection by our certified, licensed plumbers.
  • 30% Discount on all plumbing repairs.
  • Lower dispatch fee on plumbing service calls.

Of course you also get the standard benefits we offer to all residential clients:  24-hour emergency service and no overtime charges.

Annual Inspection

The annual inspection is a thorough check of your home’s plumbing system.  In includes the following:

  1. Check for leaks and proper drainage on bath and kitchen sinks.
  2. Check all toilets for leaks or failing parts.
  3. Check water heaters for proper, safe operation.
  4. Check incoming water pressure.
  5. Visual inspection of piping under the home for leaks, support issues, or insulation problems.
  6. Check outdoor spigots for leaks or freeze issues.

Call or e-mail us today for more information about signing up for the plan.