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60-Ton Air Handler Install

Here’s some great pics taken by our Commercial Service Install Supervisor of an installation of a giant 60-ton air handler for one of our commercial clients!

Cooling Tower Maintenance

From our commercial service manager, Joe Austin:

“Make sure you are maintaining your cooling tower at least once a year.  This equipment is vital to your building operation and maintenance will prolong the life expectancy of your equipment.”

Chiller Clean Richmond

Chiller Clean Richmond

Heat Exchanger Failures

Here are some pictures from our commercial service manager of a leaking heat exchanger we ran into in the field.  It’s important to keep your system maintained so you can detect dangerous leaking heat exchangers!

Heat Exchanger Richmond


No Day Like A Snow Day!

Here’s a couple pictures from Tuesday of this week.  The snow didn’t stop our techs from getting out to help our clients!  We even did a rooftop unit replace for our friends over at Richmond Ford.


Richmond Plumbing

Richmond Unit Lift

Found on a Commercial Service

Here’s some burnt wires we found on a commercial service call today.  It had the potential to turn into a dangerous situation!  This is why it’s important to keep your equipment maintained properly.  Call or e-mail us today to talk about a commercial preventive maintenance agreement!


Burnt Wires Richmond

Rooftop Unit Installation at Richmond Ford

Here’s a couple picture snapped by Mary in our office of an installation we did last week for our friends over at Richmond Ford.

We replaced a couple units in their service shop (where we happen to get most of our vehicles serviced!).  Call or e-mail or commercial team to find out what they can do for your company!



Weinstein JCC Gym Lighting Retrofit

Mitch Mitchell, our Commercial Service energy-savings expert, passed along this information on a project of his that we recently completed at the Weinstein JCC.

  • As you can see in the Before / After photos, the gym now has much brighter, attractive lighting.
  • Footcandle readings at Center Court went from 8 to 42!
  • The new lights are also more efficient… they use 55% less energy!
  • We were able to capture the latest Dominion Lighting Incentives, which covered 25% of the cost of the project.

If you’re interested in setting up an evaluation of your lighting and discussing the available upgrades and utility incentives, please call us at (804) 358-9333 or fill out our online contact form.



Lickinghole Creek Craft Brewery Project

We’re excited to be working on the Lickinghole Creek Craft Brewery project.  Here are some photos below!  We are installing HVAC systems as well as doing some piping.

How *NOT* to run Ductwork

Here’s a good example our commercial department found of how not to run ductwork.  This might set a record with the number of branch lines!

Dual Temperature Tankless Water Heater Installation

Here’s a photo from our commercial service department.  Most of you are probably familiar with tankless hot water heaters, but this is a dual temperature model.  It not only provides hot domestic water, it also supplies hot water to the building’s hydronic heating system… all with one efficient tankless heater!

Dual Temp Tankless Install

Dual Temp Tankless Install