commercial educationEach month, we survey our clients to make sure we’re succeeding at our mission to delight them.  We’re always happy to hear comments like these:

“I called your company to determine what was wrong with my furnace. Unfortunately, I had to buy a new furnace/air conditioner. My first contact was with J.T.  and he was wonderful. He “sold me” on buying one from James River and I did what i never do…I decided to buy from a company  without getting at least 2 other bids. He was extremely knowledgeable, was calm in the “crisis,” and explained concepts in a way that I quickly understood ALL of the issues. He did this without “talking down” to me. J.T. quickly called in others (to calculate price, etc.) and the sales rep was effective, and “got in, got out” efficiently. J.T. respected my busy schedule and we set up an appointment for a few days later. Two installers were also great. They completed this huge project without interrupting any of my routines. They were careful to sweep the area when they left and I’m embarrassed to say that the garage looked better after they left than when they came. The electrician was the last one for me to meet. He was also wonderful and I believe he was genuinely concerned about my safety (grounding, electricity, etc.). Actually, this was one of the most pleasant business interactions that I have ever had. Everyone was efficient, effective, knowledgeable, professional, and confident. Their confidence made me confident and led me to know that I made the right decisions at all the choice points throughout this project. The only thing I didn’t like was paying for a new a new furnace. Ha ha. I will definitely be recommending James River Air each time the opportunity surfaces. Congratulations on a Class A++ organization.” 

“The techs are always friendly. They are prompt and always go the extra step to ensure that we get the best solution for our money.  They talk us through all our repair options so we can make informed short and long term plans.”

“Kenny installed two new thermostats and took the time to set them specifically as we requested. He also gave us brief instruction on setting them.  As always, Kenny does the best work, is professional, courteous and overall does a super job.  Congratulations on keeping such a great tech!”

“Joe P. is GREAT!  He answers all my questions about what he is doing this trip and advises me as to what I might need to do to increase the machine efficiency.”

Techs at van


“I liked the communication with the service man, quick callbacks and keeping me informed as to processes.”

“Techs were very knowledgeable and respectful of doing their job but not interfering with our business activity.”

“Your team is very professional and responsive to our needs.”

“Great attention to detail and respect for our service clients.”

“Very prompt and helpful. Even asked about past concerns that were addressed to ensure they were still good.”

“Conway C. is always professional and works as long as it takes to find and solve the problem.”

“Continued to show that your company was here to support and make ours better.  Also made decisions based on what was better for our company.”

“Conway C. came right away to fix a problem we were having with a thermostat. He determined it was a deeper problem and was able to fix that well and quickly.”

“As always, your techs are pleasant and efficient. We appreciate that.”

“Techs were great. Very polite and explained things well. Even took the time to talk with our Ops. Mgr. by phone so that he could ask questions that I didn’t know to ask… We were treated fairly and everyone was honest and nice to work with.”