James River Air’s team of master licensed plumbers can help troubleshoot any Faucet Repair, whether it’s in your kitchen, bathroom, or elsewhere.  If you need a brand new faucet, either because your old one is worn out or because you’re remodeling, we can help with that too.

Call (804) 358-9333 today and speak with a client service representative to scheduled faucet repairs or maintenance.

Danze Faucets

James River Air sells and installs the Danze line of faucets for your kitchen, lavatory, shower, or other application.

Leaking Faucets

If you have a faucet that’s leaking, in addition to wasting water and causing high electric bills, it can also cause damage to your home.  Often we can repair the leak by simply replacing a gasket or replacing an old supply line.


An easy-to-use faucet we installed for one of our clients.


New Faucet: Before & After