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Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) refers to the air quality inside buildings and is crucial for the health and well-being of its occupants. IAQ can be influenced by various factors including air pollutants like dust, pollen, and volatile organic compounds such as inadequate ventilation, improper humidity levels, and more. 

Monitoring and improving IAQ is essential to prevent health issues and help to create a comfortable indoor environment. 

To enhance IAQ, measures like proper ventilation, air purification, maintenance of your HVAC systems, and minimizing indoor pollutants should be prioritized. Neglecting IAQ can lead to respiratory issues like allergies, and overall discomfort for those within the indoor space. 

AtmosAir Air Purification

For nearly a decade, James River Air has been offering the AtmosAir Air Purification System. The beauty of the AtmosAir system is just how easily it can be integrated into HVAC systems in homes and buildings or used as standalone portable units to improve Indoor Air Quality.

Airflow passes thru the patented ionization tube. The tube energizes the air to form bi-polar (or positive and negative) air ions. The airflow then distributes the ions into all of the spaces served by the duct system in an in-duct installation, or into the applicable space if a standalone unit is used. It’s that simple and elegant!

There’s no continual maintenance, no filters to keep changing or collector cells to constantly clean. The only maintenance required in most cases is a once yearly replacement of the ionization tube.


During the winter months in Virginia, the air tends to become excessively dry, leading to common discomforts like dry skin, static electricity, and respiratory issues. To address these concerns, consider the installation of a whole-house humidifier. A whole-house humidifier can significantly enhance the overall comfort of your home. At James River Air, we offer (3) distinct types of humidifiers: bypass, powered, and steam. 

The following are options that are budget friendly options that can effectively meet your humidification needs:

  • Bypass Humidifiers
  • Powered Humidifiers

For those seeking unparalleled comfort and willing to invest a bit more, steam humidifiers are available as well.

At James River Air, we specialize in servicing and installing various reputable humidifier brands such as: Honeywell, Aprilaire, and  General Aire. Ensure your home remains comfortable throughout the winter by exploring our range of humidification solutions. 


If you’ve been a resident of Virginia for any duration, you’re undoubtedly familiar with the summer challenge: high humidity. While your home comfort system is primarily designed to regulate indoor temperatures, it may not effectively address humidity levels. That’s where a whole-house dehumidifier comes into play. Working seamlessly with your home comfort system to maintain comfortable humidity levels in your home.  

Media Filters

In certain households, a standard 1″ filter may fall short in delivering the desired filtration quality. Whole-house media cleaners can be up to 85% more efficient in capturing tiny particles such as dust, smoke, pet dander, and mold spores. What sets them apart is their longevity, as they only require replacement every 6-12 months, in contract to the monthly replacement cycle of standard filters. This ensures both superior air quality and cost-efficiency for your home. 

APCO Air Purifier

Over the past few years, we have proudly introduced and offered the APCO (Advanced Photocatalytic Oxidation) Air Purifier. These advanced purifiers harness the power of UV-C light and activated carbon to effectively combat germs and eliminate odors, all while ensuring that no harmful ozone is produced in the process. 

UV Lights

Among the cost-effective and widely-favored choices, UV air purifiers remove odors, allergens, and various airborne contaminants. Our standard installation involved low-voltage (24V) models that are wired into your air handler system. These UV purifiers effectively eliminate potentially harmful bacteria and pesky odors stemming from cooking or pets. Enhancing the air quality and comfort in your living space is a breeze when you opt to have a UV light installed in each one of your HVAC systems. 

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