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Commercial Preventive Maintenance

An investment as valuable as your company’s heating and cooling system should be properly maintained. Regular inspections decrease emergency repair events, the costs/extent of those repairs, and equipment failure. James River Air Conditioning offers several varieties of commercial maintenance programs which can be tailored to each customer’s needs.

Commercial Maintenance Programs

All Features of PMII + Repair, Labor and Materials on Moving Parts

Designed to provide a continuing maintenance program and comprehensive time and material repair coverage of all moving parts. This commercial maintenance program will provide all labor, travel, and expenses to repair or replace worn, doubtful, or failed parts and components covered under this agreement. This includes overtime—24 hours a day—7 days a week—to reduce risk of down time and inconvenience for the client.

Comprehensive HVAC Maintenance

Designed to provide a premium continuing maintenance program for optimal performance and comfort while extending the life of your equipment and achieving building profitability through improved efficiency (15-30%!).

Custom Designed HVAC Maintenance

A custom-designed continuing maintenance program that meets the specifications of the business owner or tenant’s application and/or budget.

Each preventive maintenance call will be scheduled by a computer prepared work order system which details exact tasks, skill levels required, special tools, and special conditions as required to maintain the systems at optimum efficiency levels.

Maintenance intervals for systems and equipment are determined by run time, system use, application, location, and manufacturer’s recommendations. This information, along with our years of practical experience in construction, engineering, and service assures that the client receives the industry’s most cost effective maintenance programs available.

All commercial maintenance programs are planned, scheduled, managed, monitored, and enhanced for each client’s application and budget. Common preventive maintenance practices are regular heating and cooling Inspections, high-efficiency filter changes, blower wheel cleaning, fan belt replacement and condenser and evaporator coil cleaning.

Special Benefits to Clients with a JRAC Comprehensive Preventive Maintenance Program

Call or email us to schedule a site review with one of our commercial consultants. We will review your current maintenance procedures and recommend plans suited for your needs.

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The requested date and time is subject to change and all online bookings will be confirmed by a phone call.

Questions will be answered from 7am – 5pm, if after hours, questions will be answered in the morning. If emergency, please call our emergency line, 804-358-9333.

Please Note: This is for HVAC Replacements or Hot Water Heaters Only.

All online bookings will be confirmed by a phone call.