$49 Safety Check Special

$49 Residential Safety Check Special – Call (804) 358-9333

Our residential department is currently offering a $49 safety check special to make sure your system is operating properly!

What does the safety check include?
  • Check Wiring (Hot Spots & Discoloring)
  • Temperature Rise (To be sure unit does not exceed UL temperature limits)
  • Examine Heat Exchanger (To be sure there are no cracks or holes)
  • Check Combustion Intake Air (To be sure enough air is feeding appliance)
  • Check Flue Draft (To be sure carbon monoxide is going out of the home)
  • Leak Search Coil (To be sure refrigerant is not leaking into home or atmosphere)
  • Check Static Pressures (To be sure there are no restrictions in air flow/duct work)
  • Test Heat Pump and Furnace Safety Controls
  • Check Gas Pressure (To be sure it is set per manufacturer’s specifications)
  • Check Drains (To be sure there is no overflow)
Why should I have a safety check?
  • Safety:  Safety is our top priority at James River Air Conditioning.  A safety check will help identify any issues that could affect the safe operation of your system.
  • Help identify small problems before they become big ones.
  • Learn how long you can expect your current system to last.
  • Efficiency:  Make sure there aren’t any issues that could be causing your system to run inefficiently.

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