Comfort & Safety

James River Air wants everyone to be safe and comfortable in their home this season

We are no longer accepting new submissions, but we are going through those that we have received so we can help as many as we can.

About The Program

For several years now, James River Air has been conducting our Comfort & Safety program. Richmonders can nominate folks who are “down on their luck” and need a little help with a heating, cooling, plumbing or electrical problem.

Submissions will be accepted between December 15th and December 24th. All submissions must come be made through our website and come from a third party. We will collect all requests and review after the end of the submission period.

Our Media Partners

James River Air would like to thank our partners in the media that are helping us spread the word about the program:

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I nominate myself?
    No, all nominations must be made by a third party: a friend, neighbor, relative, etc.
  2. Will you rebuild my entire house?
    No, we are looking for people who need small repairs to plumbing, electrical, or heating.
  3. Will you assist with my fuel bills?
    No, we cannot assist with fuel bills and we do not provide oil or propane.
  4. What areas do you serve?
    We service areas within 30 miles from the center of Richmond.
  5. Do you work on mobile homes?
    No, we do not service mobile home equipment.
  6. If I am renting, can you help?
    We only work on homes owned by occupant.
  7. How do you make your decisions on who you will help?
    Each case is handled on an individual basis, based on nominee’s need and whether we feel we can make the needed repairs.

*NOTE: Our last day for accepting nominations was December 24th.


Mark and Mrs. Harris

Mark and Mrs. Harris