Green Solutions

Green Solutions

Green Solutions – Featured Client:  Commonwealth Mailing Systems

James River Air has energy savings experts on staff.  We recently did a lighting upgrade at Commonwealth Mailing Systems that was featured on NBC12.

We utilized the available Federal Tax incentives on this project to pay for the entire retrofit!

This program works for those who rent or own commercial property. Here is how it works:

· There is no minimum size of building that can participate. With that said, if a 10,000sf property that achieves a 50% lighting reduction with a retrofit can either cover the cost of the project or receive a $6,000 tax deduction;

· Partial building upgrades are eligible as well. For instance, an owner/tenant wants to retrofit his warehouse but not his office space, he can claim the deduction for the warehouse only;

· Retrofits are retroactive back to Jan. 1, 2006. If an owner/tenant has retrofitted part of his property after this date and wants to add additional sf to the deduction with new work, all of this can be combined under one tax deduction;

· Under the current program, retrofits do not have to be completed by Dec. 31st but they do need to be invoiced and paid for before the end of the year.

For additional information, please contact our Commercial Energy Division.

See below for the news story and some impressive before and after photos!

Before & After Pictures