Sheet Metal Fabrication

sheet-metal-fabrication-servicesJames River Air operates a full service, technologically-advanced sheet metal facility. We can fabricate several different gauges of duct, including lined duct. Our in-house sheet metal facility means we can give our clients better service.

Our high-tech facility allows us to deliver quality sheet metal products to our clients at a great value. We do not have to turn to a third-party sheet metal fabricator, so we can adjust to our clients’ changing needs and offer them the same great service they’ve come to expect from our field technicians.

Our investment in technology means we can offer the highest quality materials.

Our engineering team uses computer-aided design (CAD) software to design our duct systems. They then coordinate with our fabrication department to make sure that our design is executed properly.

Our computer-operated plasma cutter can cut metal to our exact specifications, offering us a lot of flexibility when designing duct fittings. For example, certain duct fittings promote optimum airflow when they are made with curved, radius angles instead of hard 90-degree angles. With our technology, we can easily make fittings using these radius angles to give our clients the best design possible.


Our clients benefit from our investment in our sheet metal fabrication department.

Because of our investment, we are able to provide our clients with:

  • Better quality products
  • Reduced field labor expenses
  • Quicker response times
  • Optimum comfort