Storm Preparation Tips


You can’t control the weather, but you can prepare your home to minimize damages. Investing time now to make sure that your home and HVAC Systems are prepared for hurricane season will pay off later while you are helpless during the storm. Use these tips as a guide to help you prepare your home and HVAC system:

  • As Hurricane Florence approaches remember to have a flashlight, batteries, essential meds and sturdy shoes on hand
  • Bring yard storage, machinery, and equipment insides so they cant be thrown out in the storm and becomes missiles
  • Check roof- mounted equipment to ensure its securely connected
  • Ways to prevent water leakage or roof collapse are to check roof drains to ensure they are clear and secure any portion of the roof covering which appears loose or bubbled
  • Close fuel valves to non-essential and non-emergency equipment
  • Disconnect power to non-essential equipment susceptible to power surges, or where water may pose a possibility to electrocution
  • Have tarps and ropes available to repair wall or roof openings and/or to cover windows, roof leaks, etc
  • Fill fuel tanks for vehicles  that will be needed for emergency operations or evacuation

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