Happy Client RichmondDon’t just take our word for it!

We’ve received a LOT of positive feedback over the years. Below is just a small sample of the great feedback we’ve received from customers who enjoyed their experience with James River Air Conditioning.  We’ve got tons more we’d love to share with you! Just give us a call!

“Your tech is not just a tech. He has become a good friend… You also stepped to the plate and gave new life to my old system when it had been installed tilted so it would not drain. Standing water in a drain pain could not have promoted long life of a coil and I appreciated how you honored that possibility. You could have insisted that it had no future life but you didn’t. You listened to “your” customer.”

“Your staff really understands customer service and does a great job. Calling in to set up a time and having it work around my work schedule never a problem. Your techs show up when they say they are going to be there. I have never been dissatisfied with any of the work that needed to be done.”

“Your people who book the appointments are very professional and enthusiastic. Prompt with emails.. good job!”

“On the Sunday after Thanksgiving, our furnace started blowing cold air. I went online and requested an appointment for the next day, Monday. I received a return email from a real-live person within only a few minutes confirming an appointment time for the next day.”

“I am beyond impressed with the service we have received. The staff is prompt and professional, and exceeded my every expectation. Thanks so much!”

“Polite, responsible, clean and neat–in dress and in work, on time, quick and efficient because she knew what she was doing!”

“Technician was knowledgeable, skilled, and pleasant. He answered my questions and made good suggestions. He also was willing to do things that I requested that may not have been a part of the maintenance check up. Exceeded my expectations.”

“We have been customers of James River for many, many years. They are always reliable, courteous, and competent. We have recommended them and will continue to use their services as long as we are able to live in our home.”

“Frank M. was a delight. The men that worked on our house were great. They did a great job! Ya’ll should be very proud of your employees From your office down to the field workers.  Thank you sooo much.”

“The technician was right on time. She was polite and friendly and performed the service to my two units in a systematic and professional manner.”

“The technician was very thorough in inspecting both systems. He was able to answer all my questions and his answers did not go over my head.”

“The technician was very helpful and professional. He fixed my emergency and offered some very helpful information and suggestions.”

“Jody, the plumber on the call, was GREAT! He was knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. Great guy and he is the reason that you all will get my future plumbing business.”

“There was escalation that needed to be done. You all took care of it the same day. Both techs that came to my house were kind, timely and well-informed. I have been bragging on you all ever since. This is the best experience I have ever had with heating and air, it sure beats my old home warranty!”

“I have only worked with two companies in my adult life with whom I have never had a single complaint, USAA (37 years) and you (7 or 8 years?).”

“Super professional & polite. Explained everything to me clearly. Gave me the necessary and appropriate information, but weren’t intrusive while I was trying to work. You guys are great!”

“Seth was the technician and he replaced my kitchen faucet and I was incredibly happy! … Seth is fantastic. I always like to be the first customer of the day so I let you make the appointment which is 7:30 – 8:00. He calls if he is going to be later and by that I mean he called one time at 7:30 to say he was running late and he would be there at 7:45! That’s not late to me. He’s smart and efficient and knows what he is doing.”

“Chris showed up on time and introduced himself. He took a little time to explain what he was going to do and made sure he wore the ‘booties’ even though we said he didn’t have to. He asked if we were having any problems or had any questions to which we said no. He completed his inspection, testing and cleaning and advised us all was good. We thought he was not only clean but very professional as well. This was all more reasons why we are glad we chose James River over everyone else.”

“You were very courteous and polite. Answered all questions and took the time to make us think we were the only customers you had to deal with and were in no hurry. Hope to have the same person come back time after time. Would recommend your company to all.”

“Prompt response to my initial call. Friendly service by everyone….from those answering phones to those diagnosing the problem, to those doing the repairs. Also on time follow up repair.”

“The technician was very courteous and helpful, she made sure I understood any issues about my service and explained in detail about defrost cycles. She far surpasses any other technician based on knowledge and mannerisms to ensure she did her best work and I was satisfied with the maintenance. I am very impressed with her and hope she will return as my technician in the future.”

“Your technicians are so professional and efficient. They are friendly and polite, and are willing to explain things to me in terms I can understand (at least somewhat!). I’ve already recommended James River Air to many people. I have trusted James River Air for over 30 years,and I will continue to do so. It’s important that I feel I can trust the workmanship as well as the necessity for the job that is to be done.”

“As always, service was superior. The service man went beyond the call of duty by not only checking the one smoke alarm I had called about but also checked all of my alarms. He also made sure the house wired system was working. He was pleasant, knowledgeable, and efficient. I felt assured all was well when he left.”

“Our technician, Arlo, is the best ever! We have had him service our equipment for years now, and he is absolutely fantastic.  He is so knowledgable, and is of the highest ethics, and as honest as Abraham Lincoln.”

“First, you were attentive to my request regarding your initial quote. You were willing to work with me. Second, your installation work went beautifully. You were on time and staffed for the job. When an issue came up regarding more manpower, they were there immediately and work tirelessly to finish the job. Third, all of your installers were careful to keep things clean and organized, to the point or going the extra mile to caulk and paint repaired areas and even to repair a hole the the floor from the previous water heater. Fourth, you followed up by phone and by this survey to make sure the customer was satisfied… James River is the best service company in Richmond. It’s a testimony to your staff and leadership.”

“We recently had an HVAC technician out to the house as well as an electrician, John. Both men were outstanding, very professional, and kind. The customer service I received was outstanding. I would highly recommend this company to others.”

“Your service is excellent and when we were told that a part could not be provided until Monday, the technician brought us two space heaters in case our furnace went down again. He went above and beyond. I am very glad that we are your customers!”

“You always delight me! You are reliable, you suggest ways to save me money, you help with this and that. Last summer when my AC died, and you could not install the new unit on the roof for 10 days (because of city stuff), you offered me window units for my bedrooms, which was a huge help!”