System Matching

Matching is usually a term that relates to colors, but it’s also important when talking about heating and air conditioning systems. By combining Lennox® products that are made to work together, you can create an ideal system for your home.

A perfect match = peak performance
All air conditioners and heat pumps are specifically designed to work with matched indoor units (furnace or air handler) for optimum efficiency and performance.

While an outdoor cooling system may “work” with indoor units, including older systems, it will only operate at its peak potential when it’s paired with the right sized system for your home.

Factoring size into the equation
Bigger isn’t necessarily better when it comes to heating and cooling systems. A system that is too large for your home will frequently cycle on and off, which wastes energy. Plus, it won’t run long enough to remove humidity from the air, which can impact the comfort and health of your home.

A system that is too small can’t do its job of making you comfortable. In this case, it will run continuously to keep up with the thermostat setting, costing you more on your utility bills and potentially shortening the system’s life.

The only reliable way to determine the size that best matches the needs of your home is to have a  comfort advisor perform a load calculation, which takes into account the square footage of your house, the insulation value of your windows, the amount of insulation in your walls and roof and many other factors.

To find the best product match for your home, call to speak with a comfort advisor today!