Gas Furnaces

Furnaces are the most common residential heating system in the United States. James River Air Conditioning installs and services all types of furnaces, including oil, natural gas, LP gas, and electric.

A furnace is a forced-air system. Warm air is blown through a duct system to each room. Air drawn into the furnace passes through a filter, where dust and other small particles are trapped. A blower unit blows the filtered air through the furnace, and the air absorbs heat.

The majority of furnaces we install today are gas furnaces. On a gas furnace, the heat is supplied by the burning of natural or LP gas. A mixture of gas and air flows into the burner and is ignited by the pilot. Combustion occurs, and warm air from the burner flame rises to fill a chamber known as a heat exchanger. The heat exchanger becomes hot, and air passing around the heat exchanger absorbs that warmth, continues into the air ducts and the heat is distributed through the home. The by-products of combustion pass upward through a venting system and escape through a vent in the roof or sidewall.

Over the years, manufacturers have made great improvements in the efficiency of these systems.  If you have an older, inefficient furnace, our expert staff can make recommendations for a new, high-efficiency system.