Company History

Hugh E. Joyce founded James River Air Conditioning Co. in 1967. The company, initially called Joyce Air, began as a one-man operation, with the owner selling, installing, and managing the entire operation. During the early 1970’s, the company continued to grow and become more diversified, and in the mid-1970’s the Company name was changed to James River Air Conditioning Co.

The 1970’s were a turning point for the company, as it began to develop a strong service business. As the Company grew, Mr. Joyce realized that people were the key to growth and success. They were the most valuable assets a good mechanical firm could have. In order to maintain the best personnel, promote high professional standards, and increase productivity, Mr. Joyce established a caring atmosphere that still exists today.

Throughout the 1980’s, the Company continued to grow, offering services and products through three major groups: Residential, Commercial, and Design/Build. During the 1990’s, Hugh E. Joyce passed the torch to his son, Hugh A. Joyce. “Hugh, Jr.” launched the company toward the twenty-first century with plans for growth and expansion. Using the solid foundation already established and the latest products and technology, the company continued to grow rapidly.

Since 1997, the company showroom and headquarters has been located at 1905 Westmoreland Street, a central location allowing us to better serve our customers.

The years since 2000 have a been a time of further growth and change for the company. Hugh E. Joyce remained active in the company until he passed away in 2005. His son continues to operate the company using the same principles, putting our customers, employees, and community first.

Today, the Company has over 200 employees and serves the entire Central Virginia Area through a fleet of over eighty GPS-Enabled service and installation trucks. We continue to offer new products and services, including our own in-house brand of equipment, James River Select™, as well as the latest indoor air quality products.

James River Air Conditioning is proud of our tradition of excellent service during our 50-year history, and we look forward to continuing that tradition into the 21st century.

Our Company Mission Statement
“Delight our Clients”

Company History