Comfort Tips

Here are some helpful troubleshooting tips for your home comfort system:

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Heat Pumps & Air Conditioners

No Heat or Cooling
(No Air Flow)

  • Check fuses or circuit breakers
  • Make sure the thermostat is in the ‘ON’ position
  • Make sure that nothing is blocking the vents

No Heat or Cooling (Air Flow)

  • Check to make sure that the vents are not obstructed
  • Check the air filter

Ice on Outdoor Heat Pump Unit (Frost Only)

  • Normal – Should defrost every 90 minutes +/-

Ice on Outdoor Heat Pump Unit (More than 1/2 Inch)

  • In freezing rain, this would be normal
  • Put the system switch on the thermostat to emergency heat and call for service if ice continues to build

Steam from Outdoor Heat Pump Unit

  • Normal during defrost cycle

High Energy Bills

  • Call for service


No Heat

  • Check oil / gas service
  • Make sure the system switch on the thermostat is in the ‘ON’ position
  • Check fuses and circuit breakers

Loud Air Noise from Furnace

  • Check the blower – ‘MAKE SURE POWER IS OFF FIRST’
  • Check the air filter

Poor Air Flow

  • Check the air filter
  • Clear any obstructions from vents

High Energy Bills

  • Call for service


Low Humidity / No Humidity from Unit

  • Make sure the water valve is turned on
  • Check water line & in-line filter (Filter should be hanged / cleaned yearly)
  • Check water pad
  • Check water injector
  • Make sure bypass damper is open
  • Make sure the humidistat is on and set to the proper humidity level
  • Make sure the water line is attached to the hot water
  • Run the fan continuously on the heating system


Wild Temperature Swings

  • Make sure the wall behind the thermostat is insulated so cold air or hot drafts don’t affect it
  • Make sure the thermostat is not getting hit with drafts from outside doors, windows, attic trap doors, etc.
  • Check to make sure the thermostat is level and is properly installed

Duct System

Hot or Cold Spots

  • Check the system air flow damper settings
  • Make sure all vents are clear
  • Check system filters
  • Make sure vents are not closed
  • Check system fan settings