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HVAC System Replacement Cost (Updated For 2023)

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HVAC System Replacement Cost

One of the most common questions we get related to heating and cooling systems is, “how much does it cost to replace an HVAC system?

While it would be relatively easy to provide a quick price range based on a wide variety of factors, we’ll outline here many of the factors that contribute to HVAC system cost so you’ll have a better idea of how much your replacement HVAC system may cost.

James River Select, Ultra & Prodigy HVAC Systems

To simplify some of the HVAC choices, which also drive cost, we categorize our HVAC systems into three groups:

James River Select

Most economical. The most advanced of the basic HVAC systems presenting lower cost. Excellent value with strong efficiency with features that don't compromise comfort. A two-speed system that can run at low speed in milder conditions, saving electricity and a minimum 15 SEER2 efficiency rating.

James River Ultra

Most Popular. Upper Mid-tier of HVAC replacement systems with variable capacity automatically adjusting to match your homes demand. The Horizontal discharge outdoor unit is extremely small and unbelievably quiet. Expect efficiency ratings of 15-18 SEER2.

James River Prodigy

Superior. The best and most efficient. You can expect these systems to have variable capacity automatically adjusting to your homes comfort requirements. These units have a maximum of 24 SEER2 efficiency rating. The epitome of design with maximum rebates.

HVAC System Types

There are a few different types of heating and cooling systems with the most common being heat pump + electric, or air conditioning with natural gas, or propane furnaces.

When it comes to evaluating the replacement cost, there is minimal difference among these common types. Alternative types such as gas or oil-fired boilers or geothermal systems are considerably more expensive.

System Size vs. Cost

Ensuring the right size for your HVAC unit is crucial for optimal performance in your home. Factors like cooling requirements, influenced by your home’s age, insulation quality and the amount of windows, dictate the system size and associated costs.

System sizes are often measured in tons, representing cooling capacity (1 ton = 12,000 BTU). Your home may also have multiple zones, which means a separate HVAC system for different parts of your home. 

*The prices in the chart above include equipment only and excludes labor, materials, permits or any other modifications. See below for more details about labor & installation costs.

Installation Variables

When assessing HVAC costs, it’s essential to recognize that equipment expenses are just one aspect. Estimating HVAC system costs is challenging due to the multitude of factors involved in installation. Here are key considerations for your installation quote:

Questions Regarding HVAC Replacement Costs?


One of our HVAC professionals will evaluate your home’s specific HVAC needs.


At James River Air, we’re experts in heating and cooling systems. First and foremost, we want to make sure you’re comfortable in your home year-round. Having a heating and cooling system that is designed and installed properly is critical for year-round comfort. The age and construction of your home will factor into the size and type of HVAC system that will provide optimum comfort.

Upgrades to Consider

Your existing system may already have some of these upgrades, and you may choose to keep, eliminate or add any of these options during your system replacement.


During the winter months the humidity is generally lower and your heating system can contribute even further to dry indoor air. Having proper humidity levels in your home lead to comfort and can even save you money. Indoor humidity makes the air feel warmer so you may be able to lower your thermostat 1-2 degrees. Prices for humidification systems range from $900 to $3000.

Whole-Home Air Purification

Specialty filters can purify air to eliminate pollution, allergens, and in some cases even harmful viruses or bacteria. Ask one of our experts about options for whole-home air purification. Prices for whole-home air purification range from $500 to $1200.


While air conditioning systems provide some level of dehumidification, our hot and humid summers put a lot of pressure on an air conditioning system. An added dehumidification system will help your air conditioner run more effectively by reducing the humidity level in your home. Prices for dehumidification systems range from $2800-$5200.

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