Tank Water Heaters


James River Air’s master licensed plumbers install and service all major brands of tank-style water heaters.There are several reasons you might want to replace your old tank water heater.  It could be:

  • Leaking.
  • Past its lifespan (8 to 12 years).
  • Inefficient.
  • Not supplying adequate hot water to your home.

Our team of local plumbers can help you choose and install the appropriate water heater for your home.  We’ll look at your available fuel sources, space considerations, and your desired level of efficiency.

Call (804) 358-9333 today and speak with a client service representative to scheduled Tank Water Heater Repairs or Installation.


If your water heater isn’t due for replacement but needs service, James River Air’s plumbers can help you out.  Whether it’s a gas or electric model, we can figure out what the problem is and get you back up and running quickly.


All standard water heaters (gas or electric) come with a factory warranty of 1 year labor and 6 years on parts. James River Air provides a 10-year warranty on all parts and labor if the heater is purchased and installed by any of our Residential Plumbing Service Team Members.

Automatic Shut-Off Alarms

Have you ever thought about what would happen if your water heater started leaking? Especially if it’s inside the house or even worse, in your attic. What if nobody is home to see or stop it? If you don’t want to come home to that headache, then call or e-mail James River Air today to have one of our Residential Plumbing Team Members talk to you about a water heater alarm with an automatic water shut off valve.


Continuous Water Richmond

A State brand continuous water heater: 96% Efficiency, provides non-stop hot water!

Hot Water Heater Tank Water Heater Richmond

We replaced a 12-year old leaking water heater with this new one, in 2 hours!