Green Plumbing

James River Air Conditioning has experience installing and servicing a number of green plumbing solutions.  Often a green solution doesn’t cost much more than a standard solution and there can be substantial energy savings over time.  In addition to the financial benefits, green plumbing also helps conserve natural resources.

There are several areas in the home where we can offer green solutions:


Older toilets can use two to five times the amount of water as a new, water saving model.  We install several brands of low-flow toilets, including dual flush models so you can use only the amount of water needed.

Hot Water Heater

Your water heater can account for up to 15% of your home’s energy use.  Visit the Water Heaters section of our website for more information about the different options we have, which include high-efficiency tank heaters as well as tankless on-demand models.

Leak Detection

An undetected leak can result in major damage to your home and/or a huge water bill.  James River Air installs leak detection systems that shut your water supply off at the source whenever a leak is detected.

Rainwater / Graywater Collection

Rainwater and graywater (water from the drains of your sinks, shower, and appliances) can be collected and used for landscape watering and toilet flushing.  We have experience designing and installing these systems.

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Rainwater Collection Richmond Green Plumbing

Rainwater / Graywater collection system installed by James River Air.