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Temperatures soared to 100° – Your HVAC system isn’t working?  What the heck!

Last week, in the RVA, temperatures soared to almost 100°.  Most of us were cool and comfy in our homes and not terribly concerned with the extreme heat…it was outside and out of our minds.


During these high temperatures was your air conditioner performing well?  Was it able to keep up with temperatures close to 100° for five or six days consecutively?  If your answer is no, you’re probably asking yourself why!  Why are you paying a HVAC company to come out and check your equipment regularly?  Why did you just invest thousands of dollars to install a new HVAC unit only for it to disappoint you when you need it the most?  This can all be very frustrating for you!  We are here to tell you…the equipment is not the scoundrel in this story!

Let us explain.  In the RVA, your air conditioner is designed to run optimally when outdoor temperatures are as high as 95° and the indoor temperature is 75°.  Most of the summer, you will achieve the temperature you’ve set on the thermostat but when outdoor temperatures are above 90°, the system isn’t designed to lower the inside temperatures to 72-73°.  If the system installed at your house was designed to accommodate high temperatures for 10 -20 days a year, the system would be grossly oversized and would create a dreadful humidity problem in your home.

What’s the solution?  Insulation and sealing of your homes envelope is the best way to keep temperatures cool inside.  Keep the cold air in and the warm air out!

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