James River Air Conditioning Company

As you may know, James River Air has a team of both commercial and residential plumbers to handle issues like leaking sinks, toilet and water heater replacements, and sewer line cleaning.

One problem we run into is tracing down sewer issues.  One way we can test it is using peppermint extract, but sometimes we need something more sophisticated like a smoke test.

You can spend over a thousand dollars to buy a tool to do this.  One of our commercial plumbers, Bob, had the bright idea to make one in house for a fraction of that!  He had our sheet metal shop fabricate a box for him with a door to put a smoke pellet in, hooked up a spare fan motor he head, and put some insulation on it since it gets warm when operating.  Nice job, Bob!

We’re all about finding creative solutions to problems like this that will help our customers.