James River Air Conditioning Company

This week, our president, Hugh Joyce, received a very nice letter from one of our clients.  It’s our goal to make every client glad they called us, and we’re always glad to hear when we’ve succeeded!  We’re very lucky to have Brett on our team!

Dear Mr. Joyce,
I write to commend one of your Residential Field Supervisors, Brett Dawson, who was recently involved in resolving a complex issue that my system experienced.  Brett, who prides himself as not being “a part changer”, was analytical in his approach and in consultation with the manufacturer (Nordyne) identified the root cause.
Error messages displayed by the controller of my system (Westinghouse iQDrive Split System Heat Pump) were misleading and led to inappropriate actions (i.e., replace the fan motor, replace the circuit board), none of which solved the problem.  The unobvious issue was a temperature sensor that had become dislodged from the coil, thereby providing erroneous input to the controller.  This was identified by Brett after diligent investigation, apparently without much assistance provided by Nordyne.  It is quite surprising that a more specific error message was not provided to the controller to resolve this problem more directly.
Brett was thoroughly professional in performing his work, and saw to it that I was provided a temporary window-mounted air conditioning unit until the repair was complete.  He also gave feedback to Nordyne about the issue, which may result in its inclusion in a service bulletin to help others troubleshoot equipment having the same problem.
When Brett discovered that the requirement replacement temperature sensor part was locally unavailable, he ordered the part by overnight delivery from South Carolina (the location of the nearest inventory) and provided feedback to your firm’s part supplier to either encourage a greater inventory of parts locally or to your firm to stock spare parts to accelerate future repairs.
My purpose in writing this letter is not to describe the details of the repair but to convey my gratitude for the professionalism of your service technician and his diligence in solving this problem.  I experienced the value of a warranty and maintenance agreement with your firm, as I was not charged either for the multiple service visits, the expedited shipment of the replacement part or the loaned air conditioning unit.  I particularly want to bring to your attention the talents, attitude, patience and pride of work demonstrated by Brett, who distinguished himself as well as your firm in resolving this issue and earned my gratitude for his efforts.
Dawson, Brett
Brett Dawson, James River Air Conditioning