James River Air Conditioning Company

As you may have heard, this year James River Air ran our Comfort & Safety promotion where we accepted third-party nominations for area people in need of heating, cooling, plumbing, or electrical help.

Although we stopped accepting applications on December 24, 2013, we are still continuing to go through all those that we received and are helping as many people as we can.  We’ll post some examples of some of the people we’ve been able to help over the coming weeks; here’s the first one we have.

We received the following request:  “I am requesting help for one of the kindest souls I know. This lady gives of herself 150% so there is nothing left for her self. She really deserves to have someone in her corner for a change. This is why I am asking from the bottom of my heart to help this heavenly soul to repair her heat exchanger. She paid another company $89 just to tell her that when they switched the unit on, flames rolled out of the top causing the rollout switch to shut off. He quoted her a cost that was too expensive for her to pay. The part may have been covered but the labor is not at all affordable. (Regina is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of house). In her time of need there is no one there to help her as she is always there for everyone down to her last dime. On cold days she has electric heaters in two of three bedrooms ( the doors have to be closed to remove the chill) . She has tried to use the fireplace to heat the living room but the cost of firewood and logs outweigh the amount of heat given out. She has no other choice but to turn to an unsafe option of using oven to remove chill from the remainder of the house, still leaving one bedroom freezing. She can’t afford any more heaters or comforters at this time. Also she is still recovering from the cost of of replacing a sewer system ($3000) and is still having plumbing issues… [she] gives so much of her time and energy to others I really hope this requests warms James River Heating and Air Conditioning to choose [her] as a recipient of your services.”

We were able to replace the heat exchanger, draft inducer, and thermostat. She is back up and running now! Here are some pictures from the job, including the heat exchanger with the huge hole in it!