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We’re pleased to bring you another success story from our Comfort & Safety program!

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Here’s the nomination we received for this project:

“I got home this evening just in time to catch your television ad to offer assistance to needy families. There is a husband and wife in my community that live only on social security and are trying to heat their home with space heaters. Their furnace and a/c system stopped working over a year ago. The husband is the only caregiver for his wife who suffers from advanced rheumatoid arthritis as well as cardiomyopathy. To have their heating and air conditioning facilities repaired or replaced would be the nicest thing anyone has done for them in a very long time; they obviously cannot afford ANY repair costs. I’ve been a James River customer for many years, and would appreciate an opportunity to tell you more about this couple.

Due to medical expenses beyond their control they are unable to maintain their home and it is in need of significant repair.  First and foremost, this past summer they only had window air conditioning units for cooling and they use space heaters for warmth.  It’s my understanding that the furnace blower/fan still functions but they no longer use it since it doesn’t provide heat or cooling”

We visited the couple and realized this was definitely a situation where James River could help.  We installed a new outdoor unit, gas furnace, indoor coil, thermostat.  Below are some before and after pictures of the system.  Thank you to the individual who nominated this couple; we’re glad we could help!