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Broken Water Pipes or Fittings Can Cause Catastrophic Damage to Your Home or Business

Seconds count, when a plumbing fitting or pipe breaks loose in your household or business.

Your family members or key business associates need to know where the water shut off valve is for your building.  Shut off valves should be clearly labeled, and checked periodically to ensure they function properly.  Business owners should consider an annual plumbing inspection to check these valves, and inspect key plumbing components as a preventive measure.

James River Air recommends you take a moment to locate your key cut off valves, have them labeled, and educate those you will depend on to minimize the damage by knowing where to cut the water off fast.  It is usually located inside the building right where the water line comes in through the wall or foundation.   If you need help locating this, a professional plumbing contractor, like James River Air Conditioning Company will be happy to assist and test this valve for you.  There are also often small localized shut off valves at sinks & other bathroom fixtures, for a localized solution.

For even faster ability to cut off your water main, and automatic shut of in the case of a large water release, James River Air recommends, and can install an electric water shut off valve.  Contact us today for more information!


Boiler Installation

Here’s another nice photo from technician Micah G.  of a recent boiler installation.  Please give James River a call if you are interested in upgrading your heating system!


Boiler Install

Gas Boiler Installation

Here’s a picture sent in by Micah on our residential team.  We replaced an old oil boiler with a new gas boiler.  Nice looking install!


Impressive Boiler / Water Heater Replacement

Here’s a job just sent to us by Chris, the head of our residential plumbing department.  Every other company had told this client that they would have to vent through the chimney.  Chris got creative, moved the dirt wall, and made the extra space to vent out the side!  Now there’s room to set his outdoor units as well.  Nice job, Chris!

photo 1

photo 4

photo 2

photo 3

Residential Boiler Installation

Here’s a picture our lead plumber sent of a nice looking boiler install we recently completed in the West End.

We replaced an oil boiler with a new Crown gas boiler and a Crown MS-53 indirect water heater.

Do you have an old boiler that needs to be replaced?  Give us a call or e-mail us!

Boiler Install

More Plumbing Projects

Here’s a couple more projects we’ve completed in our plumbing department recently.

This is a before and after picture of another State tankless water heater installation.  Unlike the original tank that vented up through the flue pipe, this one vents out line a 90+ furnace.

Then below is a picture of a beautiful sump pump installation by our plumber Doug H.  The old drains went to an old drain field that didn’t work anymore.  The solution: pump the waste to the sewer lines at the other end of the house that run to the city sewer.  Look and works great
We have a great team of residential and commercial plumbers.  Call James River for all your plumbing needs!

State Tankless Water Heater Install

Here’s a picture sent in by our lead plumber, Chris, of a State brand tankless water heater.  We’ve been installing other brands for years, but these State units are nice because they’re made in the USA, more efficient, lighter than all others, and condensate like a 90+ furnace.

E-mail us today if you’d like more information about having one installed!

Homemade Sewer Smoke Tester

As you may know, James River Air has a team of both commercial and residential plumbers to handle issues like leaking sinks, toilet and water heater replacements, and sewer line cleaning.

One problem we run into is tracing down sewer issues.  One way we can test it is using peppermint extract, but sometimes we need something more sophisticated like a smoke test.

You can spend over a thousand dollars to buy a tool to do this.  One of our commercial plumbers, Bob, had the bright idea to make one in house for a fraction of that!  He had our sheet metal shop fabricate a box for him with a door to put a smoke pellet in, hooked up a spare fan motor he head, and put some insulation on it since it gets warm when operating.  Nice job, Bob!

We’re all about finding creative solutions to problems like this that will help our customers.


How NOT to Waste Piping

Here’s some “creative” plumbing waste piping we ran across today on a job site.

If your plumbing looks like this, it’s time to call James River!