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Heat Exchanger – Safety

Here’s a picture of a heat exchanger we found today in a large commercial roof-top unit.  Even minor cracks in these can result in the release of deadly carbon monoxide into the air in your home or business.  A huge hole like this is a major problem and safety hazard!

Make sure you are having your fossil fuel heating equipment checked annually by a qualified contractor.  Call us today at 358-9333 or visit our website at to discuss maintenance options!

SunTrust Riverview EV Chargers

Here is one of the eight EV (electric vehicle) wall-mounted chargers we are installing at SunTrust’s Riverview Center building in Richmond, VA.  This project came about through SunTrust’s desire to be green!  We’ve installed a number of EV chargers around town, including the one at our office at 1905 Westmoreland Street (available to the public at no charge).

Interesting “Repair”…

Today one of our technicians found this at one of our commercial client’s locations.  Notice the shower heads rigged up to keep the unit cooled off!  If your unit looks like this, you need to give us a call so we can repair it properly!

Using the Right Coil Cleaner

Our commercial service department knows that when you’re cleaning coils, it’s important to use the right type of cleaner for the type of coil you’re cleaning.

Today we found that one of our commercial clients in Richmond, VA has some units that, although only 2 years old, look like they are about 15 years old… all because the wrong type of coil cleaner was used on them!  It has damaged the coils so much that they will probably need to be replaced.

Contact James River Air today to have a survey done to see if your units are being properly maintained!

Creative Solution by our Commercial Service Team

Wendell East in our Commercial Service Department faced a challenge… how to get a huge water heater into a room when it wouldn’t fit through the door! His ingenious solution – build a stand and roll it in! We’re proud to have Wendell on our team of technicians that are able to do whatever it takes to get things done for our clients!


Weekend Job @ Intuit, Fredericksburg

Here are some pictures of our commercial service department techs hard at work in the brutal 90 degree weather this past Saturday!