James River Air Conditioning Company

Seconds count, when a plumbing fitting or pipe breaks loose in your household or business.

Your family members or key business associates need to know where the water shut off valve is for your building.  Shut off valves should be clearly labeled, and checked periodically to ensure they function properly.  Business owners should consider an annual plumbing inspection to check these valves, and inspect key plumbing components as a preventive measure.

James River Air recommends you take a moment to locate your key cut off valves, have them labeled, and educate those you will depend on to minimize the damage by knowing where to cut the water off fast.  It is usually located inside the building right where the water line comes in through the wall or foundation.   If you need help locating this, a professional plumbing contractor, like James River Air Conditioning Company will be happy to assist and test this valve for you.  There are also often small localized shut off valves at sinks & other bathroom fixtures, for a localized solution.

For even faster ability to cut off your water main, and automatic shut of in the case of a large water release, James River Air recommends, and can install an electric water shut off valve.  Contact us today for more information!