James River Air Conditioning Company


Let’s take a look back into our experience during artoberVA. What is artoberVA? Every October, CultureWorks presents events, exhibits, collaborations, and any arts or culture in the Richmond area for the entire month. If you love art, then the month of October in Richmond is a special month for you. As a company, we were able to participate in a couple of ways. The first thing we were able to do was hang an extraordinary piece painted by Matt Lively, who did an incredible job. This piece was purchased by our owner, Hugh Joyce, during an auction that benefited the Cure Alzheimer’s Fund. Drop by our office anytime to check it out. We would love to have you and maybe you can get a picture with the bow tie man himself, Hugh Joyce.

Lastly, we were able to collaborate with RVA Coffee Stain created by Doug Orleski. RVA Coffee Stain is a cartoon strip and blog that has been featured in Style Weekly, ABC 8 News’, and more. Doug has a tradition where he leaves random pieces of art around Richmond and post on his social media where they are located and if you find it you are able to keep it. We thought that was cool, so we partnered with him to leave 4 pieces at 4 different locations on October 14th, 2017. The art abandonment that day was a complete success. With the art pieces, we even threw in a couple of James River Air swag for the people who found the pieces. Congratulations to all the people who found the art abandonment’s!

We are excited for artoberVA next year. It’s good to come together to celebrate art and culture in Richmond. Thanks to Matt Lively and RVA Coffee Stain for celebrating artoberVA with us. Remember if you ever need James River Air we are hear for you!