“My first experience with James River AC was with Andy Evans and an HVAC installation at my personal residence. It was great – the system was sized properly and provided the desired temperature control. These are normal equipment and performance expectations of a professional organization. However, the consistent benefit has been their personnel from the front office to the service organization. They have been outstanding from a customer service perspective including their housekeeping after equipment installation down to wearing paper boots while in the house.

My initial customer satisfaction led to a second HVAC installation at my current home, more complicated than the first, that required an innovative solution. In addition, I wanted to supplement my oil hot water system with an alternative heating solution and was considering a heat pump. Andy recommended electric heat strips in the air handler (even though it was a less expensive solution) as it better served to meet my needs. I was impressed with Andy’s honesty and good advice and it accomplished what I desired.

This positive experience led me to my workplace where we were interested in a professional energy management program. After detailed discussions with Bryon Vaught we hired James River to provide to manage our “energy” through their prescribed maintenance schedule for filters, pump lubrication, plenum adjustments etc. In addition to this one stop energy management program their metrics track and documents their success and the data is adjusted for degree days. We are confident that we will reach a documented 5% energy savings in the first year which will more than pay for the program.

Hugh Joyce’s enthusiasm and customer service mindset permeates the James River organization.”

— Peter N. Pastore Jr., Chief Financial and Operations Officer – St. Catherine’s School

“Please let Hugh, CW and Joe know that this past PM inspection was the best to date. John was thorough and kept me informed as to what he was going to do each morning, checked in through the middle of the day as to his progress and advised as to his findings at the end of each day. He is very professional and communicates to the level a property owner requires.

He is a true asset to your company and I consider him a valued partner on my team here at RIR through James River.

Thank you for listening to our needs and making the needed adjustments so that we are now building depth and looking at a broader picture for RIR.

Have a safe and happy new year. We have great things to come!”

— Dyan Stanley-Wharton, Manager of Event Operations & Security – Richmond International Raceway – Richmond, VA

“I have been very pleased with the quality of service received from James River. When I have needed service, it has been prompt and efficient. The level of customer service by the technical staff is of the highest quality. I have been very pleased with services provided over the past 3 years.”

— Donny Bodenhamer RT(R), BSRS, Center Administrator – Appomattox Imaging Center, HCA Virginia Health System

“As the property superintendent of the area boy scout camp I have worked closely with James River Air conditioning for the last 30 years. Not only have they installed and maintained our HVAC equipment but they have been extremely helpful in the maintenance of our two commercial kitchen operations. They are always quick to respond to any issue and they have a high level of professionalism that is rare in this day and time. They are deeply involved in the routine maintenance of our operations and they tend to solve a problem long before it develops into a real issue.

I was honored to have known Hugh Joyce senior very well and the strong value systems that he built into the company are still there today. The company also helps to maintain our main office facility on Fitzhugh Ave. The only problem that I see with the company is that they do not have adequate money in the budget for their commercials. The keep using the same fool in every piece of footage. For a few dollars more they could find almost anybody who would do a better job than that guy.


— John H. Hankins, Reservation Superintendant – Heart of Virginia Scout Reservation

“The entire JR crew has been great to work with. Customer Service is wonderful – somehow when I describe sounds and problems, they know that I need my repair person to come – usually NOW! Which brings me to our regular technician – Keith Johnson. Keith services most of our repairs at our two locations. Some days. he leaves one of our sites to go to the other. Keith is great on prioritizing our needs and explaining to me why we need to do certain things to our systems. As a church, utilizing volunteers to run our property committee, Keith sometimes has to repeat to others everything he has told me. He is very patient, thorough and makes sure that we are all on the same page

Customer service does a great job in getting Keith to us for our repairs, but sometimes he is not available and then Bill or Sonny come and I find that the consistency in the way they do their work is the same as when Keith is here.

Reliable, knowledgeable, and making sure that we have operating systems available at all times best describes JR.

Plus, JR gives great calendars at year end!”

— Susie Martin, Executive Assistant/Church Administrator – Crestwood Presbyterian Church

“I like that when I call, office staff is always so friendly and responsive to my requests.
I like the speedy response to our emergencies.
I like the fact that the technicians are also friendly and professional.
I like that the technicians are informative and take the time time to discuss our needs and concerns.

I appreciate the company’s no nonsense approach to getting the job done right the first time.

PS, there’s no one in the business who knows indoor pool dehumidification systems like Jay!

— Susan Dunn, Facilities Mgmt – Cross Ridge HOA

“Dear Hugh,

When a company makes a decision to change vendors that they have been dealing with for twenty years, it is not a decision that is made lightly. However, when a vendor stops being concerned with the customer’s best interest, the customer is forced to make a change. That is the position Loveland found itself in at the beginning of this year.

I’m sure it will come as no surprise to you, but there are a lot of heating and air conditionmg companies in the Richmond area. Because we did not want to simply find a “vendor-of-the-week”, we wanted to find a long term partner to see to all our needs, Brian Rollison and I conducted an extensive search process to find such a vendor. After such a search, we felt like we made the best decision in choosing James River Air Conditioning Company for our heating. and air needs, as well as installing our new control system.

As I’m sure you are well aware of, the “interview and sell” process can be vastly different from the “installation, customer service and maintenance” process. The true test of any company’s worth can be found in their actions and their dealings with their customers over a period of time. Because one of the hallmarks of our business is customer service, we are keenly aware when we are receiving it and when we are not. We have discovered in our fifty plus years of existence that Loveland Distributing is only as good as the people that represent it. I’m sure you have found the same to be true.

Since our association began in early April 2010, I am beyond pleased with the quality and character of the people you employ. The installation of our new control system, led by Steve, has gone remarkably smooth and has proven to be even more than we were initially promised. Our initial goal with the project was two-fold: one, to integrate our entire building under one easy-to-control system and two, to have a control system that would allow us to be more efficient and cost effective.

Steve not only expertly installed a quality control system, but he spent the time necessary instructing Brian and I in the proper use of our new control system. He took a genuine interest in us not only learning the system, but also understanding it and encouraged us to ask questions to allow us to be more effective with the system. As questions arose about the system or about how the system was operating, Steve was always ready with an explanation to further our understanding.

Not only do Brian and I both feel much more comfortable with our ability to control our environment at Loveland, the control system has also proven to be a cost-saver as well. Although Dominion Virginia Power makes direct dollar-for-dollar comparisons very difficult with their rate changes, our actual usage has dropped a noticeable amount. For example, even with the record heat this summer, our June 2010 usage was 97,920 kWh, compared to 113,040 kWh in June of 2009. July 2010 was even more dramatic with our July 2010 usage being 104,400 kWh versus July 2009’s usage of 139,680 kWh.

We could not be more pleased with our new control system. Even as good as the installation of our control system was; the installation of such a system is a fairly rare occurrence. The comfort of our environment is an event that we deal with every day. The true test of our new found relationship was going to be the service we received on a quarterly, monthly, and daily basis. Since our partnership has begun, we have had two quarterly maintenance services performed on our facility.

One of my chief concerns when dealing with other vendors has been their inability to send personnel to our facility that was familiar with our facility and our equipment. We were promised competent technicians and dedicated personnel that would become familiar with our equipment and our facility. Not unlike our control experience, James River once again delivered on their promise. Josh has been assigned to our quarterly maintenance needs. I have found him to not only be competent, but also extremely thorough in ensuring our equipment is up to par. When a problem has been discovered, he has taken the time to explain the problem to me and furnish me with a quote for its correction, as well as provide a timeline for the urgency of such a fix. I’ve also had the pleasure of meeting several of your other technicians and without an exception, I have found them extremely professional and knowledgeable in their duties.

Although with a building this size it is nearly impossible for each individual to be comfortable all the time, since James River has taken ownership of our comfort, the daily complaints from numerous employees about their comfort level have been nearly eliminated.

In conclusion, Hugh, I wanted to take a moment of your time to convey to you my appreciation of your company and your personnel, who have not only confirmed my trust that I placed in them when I made the decision to go with James River, but also made me question why it took me so long to find James River in the first place.

Thank you again.”

— Paul Collier – Loveland Distributing Company, Inc.

“We inherited JRAC upon the purchase of our building in downtown Richmond in 1999. Since that time, we have experienced a multitude of HVAC issues. It is very difficult to think of an issue that was not handled with extreme professionalism and skill. When these issues arise, we begin with calling the main line and are routed to the commercial department by a friendly, polite individual. Following our connection to the commercial area, we are scheduled by Stephanie or Jessica who are both exceptional staffers that go above and beyond to accommodate.

Stephanie especially is always on top of her game. Every technician that has walked through our doors has been outstanding in their knowledge, pleasant attitudes,willingness to do whatever necessary along with their friendly interactions. Managers, too, have been excellent in their communications and assistance. Having to interact with many types of contractors to maintain our property, we could only hope that other companies follow the same model that JRAC has set as it allows for a trustworthy relationship that exceeds all expectations.”